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extrait de bancs d’essai des câbles Liveline de Franck Tchang :

« … The music flows with openess, realism, clarity, richness. The bass expression is the best I have heard. The list goes on. I don’t know how Franck Tchang  does it. He makes all other cables gasp for breath, his cable is just so attractive in musicality. I think we can save a lot of cash in cables for a considerable time to come… »

« …It is that good! It is errie. At least until something else comes along, it will be a long satisfying musiclal journey. ASI makes matching cables to the Karan a dream no longer. Listening while I write at 3.00am… »

« It spotlights the spaces between individual notes and creates airiness with absolute clarity and darkness on a background of virtual 3D music. Still listening… »

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