NAGRA/YG au CES 2017

There’s always an expectation on my part when I walk into a room featuring electronics by Nagra of Switzerland. It’s sort of like going to the pub: you know there’s good beer, food, and friends there, so you have an expectation of a fun time. Same goes for the Nagra kit. At CES this year the steady-handed Swiss had paired up with YG Acoustics out of Arvada, Colorado, and were driving a pair of Hailey 1.2 loudspeakers with Tara Labs cabling throughout. I was pressed for time on my last day of the show (well, OK, every day of the show), so I was only able to listen to the system being fed ones, and zeros via a Nagra CDP, Classic DAC, Classic Preamp, and a pair of Classic Amps being used as mono-blocks.

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